After completing all the lessons and practicing with our "Italian in 30 days" workbook, you have a solid foundation in the Italian language.

We have found 4 fantastic tools that work very well and will give you a
boost from beginner to fluent.
Sure they'll be worth your time and money. We're happy to share them with you.


The NETFLIX of language learning! Afraid to get bored while learning?
This is an absolutely revolutionary, unique tool to boost your Italian and get to fluency.
You'll have so much fun, it won't feel like "work" and your progress will be quickly tangible.

Language learners want to learn new languages while enjoying great content from around the world. Lingopie provides access to high quality original content in its original language.

  • Original content allows language learners to immerse themselves in the target language they are studying.
  • Great entertainment, you'll learn by doing what you already love to do every day
  • Tired of learning with traditional material
This program comes with a free trial.


Are you terrified of speaking a foreign language? You'll feel very safe in the Italki environment.
On Italki you have a great choice of awesome teachers who are native Italian speakers and
it's quite affordable for any pocket.
You can have a very flexible schedule and select the teachers according to your needs and preferences.
  • private teachers to answer all your questions
  • affordable rates
Cool thing, most teachers offer trial lessons for as low as 1$.


With Mosalingua every single word or sentence you'll learn is first introduced to you via audio, then you'll see the spelling and you'll be given the option to record yourself and check how good is your pronunciation.
While there are thousands of words available it's not actually overwhelming at all because it's all organized in categories and you get to pick what you want/need to learn. It'll save you a lot of time.
  • very easy and gradual learning
Free trial available and 25% discount by clicking on the button below!


Worried about rules, grammar and mistakes? Forget about all that and start speaking!
Stefano is an Italian tutor who speaks more than 10 languages and has taught more than 2000 students.
His approach to fluency focuses on the speaking part, so practice, practice, practice!
You'll be amazed by the results you'll achieve under Stefano's guidance.

  • tutoring of a native speaker who's a teacher and a polyglot
  • it'll save you from the risk of getting lazy
7 day free trial and 50% off the first month if you're one of our YouTube followers

We are always there for you and working on new materials.
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